About Weekly supervision

What we provide

Weekly live supervision groups that focus on Marriage and Family Therapy models as well as the legal and ethical issues of providing therapeutic services.   


Prior to licensing, all new Marriage and Family Therapists must have weekly supervision. We provide supervision, guidance and assistance to help you get your career underway. 

How this benefits you

You gain experience and knowledge, along with the needed supervision from experts with years of practices in Marriage and Family Therapy.

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Supervisor Requirements

 In accordance with Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), §451J-1:
[§451J-1] Definitions.

“”Clinical  supervision”” means the supervision of no more than six persons at the  same time who are acquiring and completing clinical experience in  accordance with section 451J-7(2) and (3), by a licensed marriage and  family therapist whose license has been in good standing in any state  for two years preceding commencement and during the term of supervision,  or any licensed mental health professional whose license has been in  good standing in any state and who has been a clinical member in good  standing of the association for the two years preceding commencement and  during the term of supervision. Clinical supervision includes but is  not limited to case consultation of the assessment and diagnosis of  presenting problems, development and implementation of treatment plans,  and the evaluation of the course of treatment. Clinical supervision may  include direct observation by the qualified supervisor of the provision  of marriage and family therapy services.” 

Number of CEUs to Maintain a Supervisor Status

 Act 028 Relating to Continuing Education for Marriage and Family  Therapists requires licensed marriage and family therapists in Hawaii to  complete a minimum of forty-five (45) credit hours of continuing  education (“”CE””) during each licensing renewal triennium, beginning  January 1, 2017. A minimum of six (6) credit hours shall be in ethics  courses.” 

Requirements for CEUs

 The continuing education course required to meet the qualifications for a  qualified supervisor pursuant to Section 491.005, F.S., and  subparagraphs 64B4-11.007(3)(a)2., paragraph 64B4-21.007(3)(b), and  subparagraph 64B4-31.007(3)(a)2., F.A.C., must be offered by a Board  approved provider of continuing education and consist of the following:” 

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