Couples Therapy couples counseling

 Even the strongest couples have problems and it is important to have those issues addressed. Our professionals are here to assist through ongoing couples' issues with the use of techniques such as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Attachment-Based Therapy (ABT), and Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT). 

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

 EFT is a nine-step model of restructuring the attachment bond between partners. The EFT approaches are based on the knowledge that human emotions are connected to human needs. EFT helps identify and change issues of problematic emotional states in interpersonal relationships. 

Attachment-Based Therapy (ABT)

ABT aims to build or rebuild a trusting, supportive relationship that will help prevent or treat anxiety or depression. It is useful to help mend or recover from fractured family relationships. 

Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT)

BCT focuses on increasing positive activities, commitment to the relationship, and improved communication. The therapists will give instruction and model behaviors such as listening, expressing emotions, negotiating requests, doing random acts of kindness, and give couples appreciation exercises  and homework assignments for practice. Some exercises the therapy may assign are daily affirmation from each partner, positive activities together and progress reports shared together.